Best Moisturisers For Winter

Winter has reared its ugly head here in the southern hemisphere with temperatures reaching to almost 0. My skin has never had the pleasure of experiencing sub zero temperatures ever. From a person who's never had to moisturise due to naturally oily skin, it was surprising to see my skin so scaly and craving for hydration. Now, I can't go a day without moisturising. Moisturisers are not just creams but magical potions that make your skin supple and healthy looking. Here are some of my all-time favourites-

Bodyshop Body Butter

All of it is great but the limited edition vanilla brulee is my go to. I bought this in December and I've only used half of it so far. A little goes a long way.

Nivea cold cream

The good old Nivea cream does the job of preserving the natural oils of my skin while leaving a lingering scent that is now synonymous with Nivea. This one is a classic.

Lush Dream Cream

I wish I'd bought the entire tub instead of a sample because this is brilliant. Free of any unnecessary chemicals and almost smells like nothing.

Good Ol' Vaseline

Vaseline a multi-purpose product is just perfect for those patchy, dry spots on your face. It suits most skin types as well.

Honourable mentions -

Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser
H2O moisturiser

I keep switching up between moisturisers depending on my mood or where I'm going. Do I want to smell great? I pick out the Body Shop Body Butter. Do I just want a non-greasy formula? I go for the Dream Cream. Do I desperately need a replenishing cream over my parched skin? Nivea is my saviour

What is your all time favourite moisturiser?

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