10 Free Printable Calendars for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! With the New Year comes a whole lot of fresh starts, new beginnings, get-fit resolutions & a new perspective on life. A calendar may be old school but there's nothing better than a tangible reminder of time. Whether it's hanging one on your wall, on your desk at work or just on a clipboard. Here's a collection of calendars for 2016 that not only look great but are all FREE to download and print!

Cocorrina Gold Calendar

Nordic Mojo Modern Calendar

Coco and Mingo Illustrated Calendar

Mr Kate Hand-lettered Calendar

Style Bee mini desk Calendar

Sara Woodrow illustrated Calendar

Eva Design Studio Calendar

Maria Harmuth Calendar

Oh Happy Day Calendar Cubes

Jéssica Cirino Calendar

Hope you liked this collective. What's your favourite?

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