5 Awesome Fashion Youtubers

In recent years, Youtube has seen a rise in beauty bloggers and fashionistas doling advice about the latest trends. There is quite a lot of content that has transformed the face of Youtube into a part of our daily lives with topics ranging from anything under the sun. Besides that there's been a few up and coming fashion Youtubers that have caught my attention. They all have different aesthetics and I tend to take in a bit from each and every one of them when it comes to my personal style. I'm always going through their lookbook playlists in search of outfit inspiration when I need and they never fail to surprise me. I could go on and on about what makes these particular Youtubers so special.

The Fashion Citizen

I've been keenly following these twins Steph and Mel ever since their thrift haul appeared in my suggestions. I've been hooked ever since. Every video is better than the next and their recent visual moodboard video is the pinnacle of their aesthetic. Besides their thrift hauls which will forever be my favourite thing in the world, they also come up with amazing lookbooks and creative DIYs. Their weekly vlogs are officially a part of my Sunday routine. There's a lot in store for this laidback duo and I can't wait till they hit the mainstream.


Another duo, this time friends Cassie and Ricci from Canada, who have something completely different to offer. Their monochromatic, minimalist fashion and cutting edge editing is what sets them above the generic crowd. Lookbooks, essentials videos and their nifty DIY's always come to the rescue when I'm in a fashion lurch. Subscribe to them if you're into minimalism and simple fashion that speaks heaps.


Claire Marshall is probably the first youtuber I subscribed to way back when her favourite lipsticks video caught my eye. Even though she's primarily a beauty blogger, her lookbooks are something that I always go back to for inspiration. Her style is edgy but don't let her tattoos fool you, she is exceptionally down to earth and a cat lady at heart. Claire will make you yearn for band tees and leather leggings like it's going out of fashion.

Steal the Spotlight

Katie is an Australian who's isn't afraid to go mod to grunge at the flick of a finger. Her 60's 70's and 90's lookbooks, TV show inspired lookbooks are what makes her so unique. Even though her videos don't seem to have a lot of views her consistent content will take her places.

Vagabond Youth

I recently subscribed to Amy's channel and I've been binge watching all of her old videos. Amy works hard to bring video after video with amazing outfit inspiration. Her channel is peppered with hauls, vlogs, lookbooks and travel diaries but what remains constant is her envious sense of style. She may be young but her style is beyond her years.

What are some of your favourite Youtube channels?

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